Saturday, December 1, 2012

Dental Implants and Improving Technologies

Missing teeth often call for dental implants. Instead of replacing an entire row of teeth, finding the one or two problem areas and fixing them can be more cost effective and natural looking than dentures. However, in the past, patients were not always eager to jump into the dentist chair and make an improvement to their smiles. Today's ever improving technology is turning this procedure into a more popular option for several different reasons.
3D CAT Scans
In the past, traditional x-rays were the only tool used to help a dentist diagnose and treat problems involving the mouth and teeth. Many people were told that they would need bone grafts in order to take advantage of dental implants. Today, that technology is out-of-date and dentists are using 3D CAT scans to create more effective solutions instead.
This opens up a new level of information for practitioners. They are able to plan out procedures based on this new information and come away with more successful results. They can look at the density of a bone and how the new dental implants will affect the bone. They can check out a computer-simulated procedure to see what the probable outcome will be.
Patients and dentists are benefiting from this new technology. Dentists are able to confidently handle these procedures knowing the exact location of the problem and how to avoid certain pitfalls. Patients feel more confident in the treatment they are receiving because of the information the 3D CAT scan provides to the practitioner.
Treatment Protocols
In the past, dental implants required at least two appointments before a patient was able to enjoy the final results. Sometimes, a patient would need to wait upwards of six months before the second appointment. Now, the two-stage approach is outdated and dentists are offering the entire procedure in just one day. With the 3D CAT scan, professionals can put in the actual dental implants right away and then the teeth are placed on top and secured. When done correctly, this is as effective if not more effective than the two-stage process. For most people, getting a functional and immediate solution to the problem of a missing tooth is ideal.
If you have one or more missing teeth and you want to see what options you have, contact your dentist for more information. Take advantage of the latest technology that can make your experience, easier, more affordable and more efficient. It all starts with one phone call. Be sure to ask about a free consultation and take the time to mention any questions or concerns that you might have about the procedure.
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